Reverse logistics is a crucial part of the supply chain but often “out of sight, out of mind”. If not managed well, it can drain a business’ profitability.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) facilitates reverse logistics and is able to manage product recalls, rejections, or returns.

Upon receiving a product, we capture its vital information such as batch number, lot number, serial number, or manufacturing date for every unit that comes into the warehouse. We continue to track this information until the products are delivered to our customers.

This stays in our WMS in case we need to recall products, verify rejections, or validate returns, all of which you have complete visibility of!

While many companies consider the return process to be a necessary evil that shouldn’t be noticed, companies that implement an effective reverse logistics workflow can reap several benefits.

Some benefits.

  • Reduced costs.
    By planning ahead for returns and making the return order right, you can reduce related costs (administration, shipping, transportation, tech support, QA, etc.)
  • Customer retention.
    Dealing with errors is just as important as making sales. If a customer had a bad experience with your product, you have to make it right. Fulfillment blunders can create educational opportunities. Learn how to keep your customers happy and engaged with your company – even after you’ve made a mistake.
  • Faster service.
    This refers to the original shipping of goods and the return/reimbursement of goods. Quickly refunding or replacing goods can help restore a customer’s faith in a brand.
  • Reduced losses and unplanned profits.
    Recover the loss of investment in your failed product by fixing and restocking the unit, scrapping it for parts, or repurposing it in a secondary market. With a good reverse logistics program in place, you don’t have to leave money on the table. Take a product that would otherwise just cost your company money and turn it into an unforeseen asset.


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