A logistic method to distribute or supply goods from the supplier directly to the consumer with almost no storage or handling time.

Do you have your own warehouse but struggle to perform your deliveries cost-effectively and with no interruption to your operation?

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Cross-docking & Flowthrough

Cross-docking/Flowthrough is a direct-delivery strategy in the supply chain process that reduces material handling and eliminates warehousing.

Locke Logistics can pick up from your facility and deliver on your behalf. Our focus is on moving products efficiently through the supply chain. To achieve that, we offer cross-docking/flowthrough services at our Distribution Center. That is where we receive products from you or your suppliers and streamline the journey to their intended destinations without physically storing them in the warehouse.

Why Cross-docking & Flowthrough

There are plenty of industry-specific reasons why a company will use a 3PL for cross-docking/flowthrough. But generally, if you want to avoid storing products in a warehouse, immediate shipping solutions might be your thing.

Imagine your company’s products are pre-tagged (barcoded) or ready for sale. If you find that your turnover has increased since your original need for warehouse space, do a cost/benefit analysis and reevaluate your logistics plan.

Those warehouse in/out charges adds up. If business is good and you’re pulling your pre-tagged product often, do the smaller quantities justify inventory costs? Reevaluation might indicate potential benefits to immediately shipping shelf-ready products.


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